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People ask me frequently if they should use black or white cages and why I offer both colors.

Both black and white cages have parasitoid polyester mesh with vinyl windows facilitating the viewing of contents inside the cage. However, one truth that may seem counterintuitive until you actually see it for yourself is that, the brighter the environment (i.e, outdoors), the easier it is to see through black cages and the harder it is to see through white cages. This is why all my black cages are also available without vinyl window as it is not generally needed in bright outdoor sunshine.

Many also raise butterflies indoors on plant cuttings or potted plants. Depending upon indoor lighting, the visibility of plants and caterpillars is about the same for both colors.

(*Note: My 23" x 23" x 56" tall white cage does not come with vinyl window as I noticed that vinyl can create instability based upon outdoor wind gusts due to its height. Without vinyl, wind can pass more freely through the cage.)


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