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Five Gallon Paint Strainer Five Gallon Paint Strainer

These five gallon paint strainers are Ideal for rearing caterpillars on potted host plants and fit snug over a five gallon potted plant. Ideal for rearing:

  • Eastern Black Swallowtails on potted parsley, dill, rue, or fennel
  • Monarchs on potted milkweed
  • Satyrids and Skippers on potted tall grasses
  • Viceroys and Red Spotted Purples on potted willow shrubs.

The dimensions of these paint strainers are as follows:

  • Elastic opening unstretched is 9 inches/23 cm
  • Elastic opening fully expanded is 19 inches/48 cm
  • Maximum width is 18 inches/46cm
  • Length of the strainer is 22 inches/56cm

Our Price: $2.49