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Green 5" by 6" Catch and Release Mini Popup Cage

These small catch and release popups can be folded and placed easily in your pocket. It is ideal for several applications:

  • Taking into the field to collect and release small butterflies and moths
  • Emerging individual butterflies by placing chrysalids at the bottom of the cage or attaching them on the side or on the lid
  • Obtaining eggs from live female butterflies including buckeyes, toirtoiseshells, checkerspots, crescent spots, blues, and skippers
  • Placing a wandering last instar swallowtail caterpillar so that it can form a chrysalis

Our Price: $6.50
Black 13" by 17" Catch and Release Popup Cage

Note: Wholesale Pricing Available for Resellers! Contact info@raisingbutterflies.org for details.

These polyester mesh black parasitoid-resistant cylindrical butterfly release cages have a diameter of 13" and are 17" tall. They are ideal for several applications:

  • Butterfly Releases
  • Rearing caterpillars on potted host plant
  • Emerging butterflies by placing chrysalides at the bottom of the cage
  • Taking in the field to collect, admire, and/or release collected butterflies
  • Placing up-side-down over live plants with live females or caterpillars to protect from predation

Our Price: $11.50